Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about Pharma Transfer?

Click on the about us link located at the top of the Pharma Transfer website. Also, you can click on the Power Search to see our therapeutic categories and view several sample abstract records.

If you would like to schedule a brief telephone demonstration of the Pharma Transfer service, please register for a demonstration.

Can I try the service immediately without registering for a demonstration, or calling to speak with a Pharma Transfer representative?

You can preview some of the sample abstracts by clicking on the Power Search link and see our therapeutic category coverage. Only registering for a demo or calling a Pharma Transfer representative will allow you to experience the benefits from the weekly Auto Search service. This service delivers abstracts selected by our scientific staff based directly on your specific search criteria.

If I register for a demonstration, how long can I try out the Pharma Transfer service before making a subscription decision?

The demonstration period usually lasts 2-3 days. A demonstration allows time to develop the basic parameters and view the results of a customized weekly Auto Search.

What is Auto Search?

Our Auto Search functionality is the most effective way for you to ensure you do not miss the most recent opportunities selected for the database every week. Activating an Auto Search enables you to select any number of keywords (in any number of searches) relating to your research interests. At the end of the week the system will automatically retrieve the abstracts added that match your search criteria. The website will then automatically e-mail you a list of the relevant new abstracts, complete with links to take you to the complete abstract.

Should you require any help setting up your keywords, our customer support team will be more than happy to assist you, simply contact us with a request for assistance.

I am researching a particular field and would like to know when relevant abstracts are posted, is this possible?

Yes, the Auto Search facility will be beneficial to anyone researching a particular subject area.

Is it possible for more than one user to log on using my username and password?

No, all usernames and passwords are for a single user only.

What should I do if I lose my password, or think someone else is using it?

Contact our customer support team and we will create a new password for your use.

Are abstracts currently on the website updated?

We actively solicit and prompt our authors for any developments regarding the abstracts they have submitted, ensuring that information on the system is always up-to-date, as well as removing abstracts that are no-longer commercially available for whatever reason.

When I search by therapeutic area, will I see all of the abstracts relating to that word?

Yes, you will see all abstracts that have been added to the system over the whole period. To further refine your searches, use the Search facility.